Black Lives Matter

A little over a decade ago I made a deliberate choice to stop letting emotional drama affect me on a personal level. It didn’t matter if it was political drama, societal drama, personality conflict, or some other type of drama; I choose not to participate – which often makes it go away. So I’ve struggled with whether or not to make a statement concerning appalling recent events. You pay me to teach trapeze, not peddle my personal or political beliefs. We, as a company, welcome anyone. Period.

Circus, by it’s very nature, is accepting of all walks of life, and we strive to represent that within our community. I have been quietly watching the crossfit community implode and the common theme is a silent leadership is interpreted as complicit, and this will not go away by not talking about it. So, let me publicly state that Mr. Floyd’s murder through police brutality is 100% unacceptable. I am comforted (slightly) by the fact that his aggressor is being held accountable and I am encouraged by the steps taken nationwide to make sure this is not thought to be acceptable. I have friends and family members who are police officers; they are some of the best human beings I know, so I pray people do not judge them by other’s actions.

So I ask that we treat each other with dignity and respect. Go out of your way to find the good in someone. Maybe even tell them! Let’s “pay it forward” with a compliment to help our community get through this stressful time.