Our indoor location is open!

Last week we received our Temporary Certificate of Occupancy from the City of Dallas! We are planning on re-opening our outdoor location in the spring, but for the time being, all classes will take place in our brand new facility!

We are open!

Our outdoor location is open for our standard 2 hour classes! This is a low-risk Covid activity as it is fully outdoors. Our students can maintain as much distance with each other as they like! If our staff are within close contact, we will be masked!

Our indoor facility is operational! We are just waiting on City permits in order to open to the public. We will keep everyone notified with updates!

Covid Compliance

We recently had a team meeting and decided to discontinue our “1hr covid class.” When the Governor first decided to reopen Texas, outdoor sports were limited to 4 people, which is why we created the class. At this time all of our classes are Covid Compliant, so the 1hr classes are no longer serving a purpose. We would like to reiterate that we are taking every precaution to keep our friends and family safe. We would love to see each of you in the air to help support a local small business during these challenging times!

Black Lives Matter

A little over a decade ago I made a deliberate choice to stop letting emotional drama affect me on a personal level. It didn’t matter if it was political drama, societal drama, personality conflict, or some other type of drama; I choose not to participate – which often makes it go away. So I’ve struggled with whether or not to make a statement concerning appalling recent events. You pay me to teach trapeze, not peddle my personal or political beliefs. We, as a company, welcome anyone. Period.

Circus, by it’s very nature, is accepting of all walks of life, and we strive to represent that within our community. I have been quietly watching the crossfit community implode and the common theme is a silent leadership is interpreted as complicit, and this will not go away by not talking about it. So, let me publicly state that Mr. Floyd’s murder through police brutality is 100% unacceptable. I am comforted (slightly) by the fact that his aggressor is being held accountable and I am encouraged by the steps taken nationwide to make sure this is not thought to be acceptable. I have friends and family members who are police officers; they are some of the best human beings I know, so I pray people do not judge them by other’s actions.

So I ask that we treat each other with dignity and respect. Go out of your way to find the good in someone. Maybe even tell them! Let’s “pay it forward” with a compliment to help our community get through this stressful time.

Classes are posted for FRIDAY!

If you didn’t get the chance to watch his press conference yesterday, Governor Abbott announced a plan to slowly reopen Texas.

What that means for us? We’re getting back in the air!  But there will be some very big differences to how we operate…

* No catches for a while.  Hopefully we can polish all of those tricks to the net, so when we are able to have contact, everything will be ridiculously smooth!  This is also a GREAT time to work on those swing progressions or turn-around swings (ahem ahem, Randall . . . )
* Our classes will be limited to 4 people for one hour – you should get the same number of turns as an 8 person two-hour class, so we will keep the cost the same.
* Because of the close proximity, our board workers will be wearing a face mask – and we encourage you to wear one as well – SO LONG AS you can safely fly in your mask without it creating a hazard.  We will not be requiring our students to wear masks for this reason – we trust your judgment.
* Our classes will be spaced 1 hour apart so there will not be overlap between students.  We ask that you not come more than 30min before your class, nor hang out 30min after your class.  It’s not that we don’t love you . . .
* Our staff will be disinfecting the ladder, risers, belts, chairs, and trapeze bar between each class.
* Our Trinity Groves location has a shiny new bathroom stocked FULL of hand soap for you to use as many times as you like during your class – but we will require you to wash your hands before entering the rig area at a minimum.

As the Governor pointed out on literally every page of his report, please self-screen. If you are not feeling well, please don’t leave the house. We are waiving all late cancellation fees during this time so you will not be penalized for making a conservative decision – with that being said, please be respectful of the fact that spots in a classes are going to be hard to come by for a while – so if you are not feeling well, cancel early enough for someone else to take your spot!

I’m excited to see each of your smiling eyes!

Covid Update

As with the rest of Dallas
We’ll be closing for a time.
  The advice coming from the CDC and WHO is changing rapidly, but it is clear that this virus and our response to it will seriously impact our community. Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson announced last night that all bars, lounges, taverns, nightclubs, health clubs and theaters would be closed to slow the spread of Covid-19. While we could argue that we’re none of those things, it’s clear that, for the good of our community, we need to close for a time.

Here’s what that means:
All Classes are canceled through March 25th, and possibly longer.
We will keep the online business open and allow you to buy gift cards or class cards while we are closed.
Full-time staff will still be paid.
Part-time staff will still have hours available if they want them.

We will take advantage of this closure to work on our new outdoor location, continue construction on our indoor facility, and do a complete rigging inspection.

As you can all imagine, this is going to be a very difficult time for us as we prioritize our options and prepare for the impact of being closed for an unknown period of time. We apologize for the disruption to training, as we know many of you have been waiting through a long winter for us to reopen.

We are so thankful for this incredible community, and we look forward to opening our doors as soon as the weather and virus cooperate. Please stay safe and check in on neighbors and loved ones.

With Gratitude,
Donovan Chandler

New Outdoor Location

We are open and running classes at our new outdoor location in Trinity Groves. The specific address is: 2720 Bataan St, Dallas, TX 75212

This location is one block west of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, and one block south of Singleton Ave behind all of the new apartment buildings. We have a dedicated parking lot, indoor office and restroom, and will be ramping up our class schedule as the season progresses!

Come check out this amazing space. We’re sure this will be our best location yet!

Winter 2018-2019

We’re closed for the season. But we’re in the process of building our new indoor facility. Check our social media sites for updates! We’ll have the rig back up in the spring – indoor or outdoor, we’ll be flying as soon as possible!

Trampoline Classes are posted!

Come join us on our newest piece of equipment!  This is a great opportunity to gain some aerial awareness and body control.  You can apply these lessons to your flying trapeze progression, or simply apply them to life!