T-Shirts and Tank Tops – $20

We have a variety of sizes and styles.  They are all “unisex” style shirts.

Sweatshirts – $40

We have a variety of sizes.  We have three styles – our grey 1/4 zip are fitted male or female cuts; our black and our bleach tie-dyed are unisex.

Beginner Palm Grips – $15

We have an assortment of sizes of beginner gymnastics palm grips and can help fit you to the correct size!  You can buy cheaper ones on Amazon, but we stock the higher quality brands that are going to last you a lot longer.

Everlast Wrist Wraps – $7

These 100% cotton wraps are already cut and sewn to the correct lengths for flying trapeze.  Some pairs have velcro fastenings, some do not – please make sure you tell us if you have a preference!

Bumper Stickers – $3

We have new bumper stickers in stock!  Logo only and logo with title!

Socks – $15

NEW ITEM!  We have DCC logo tall socks if you want to rep your gym and keep your feet warm!

HandeBalm – $15

This stuff is magic for rips on your hands!

Custom Advanced Grips – $100

Available by order only (a good substitute for dowel grips).  These folded dowel-less grips use woven nylon backed leather for a good grip that never stretches out.  The elastic finger holes allow for a comfortable catch, and the quick adjust wrist straps make these fast to put on and comfortable to wear!

Lyra Tape – $7

We sell Lyra tape in a variety of colors.

Neck Gaiters – $15

Has a variety of uses: use as a facemask, headband, balaclava, and more!

Gift Cards – Various prices

Give circus classes as a gift! We sell gift cards at a variety of prices. Go to our “Book a Class” tab and click “Gift Certificate”.