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Skyline Trapeze Brings Aerial Arts to One of the Largest Untapped Cities in the Country

By Elisha Neubauer


Some businesses are born from passion, others from need… Skyline Trapeze in Dallas, Texas, rose from a smooth combination of both.

After Donovan Chandler found himself travelling to Austin for training, he realized exactly how many people were in his position?travelling across the state to take part in the art of aerial trapeze. He decided that, as one of the largest metro areas in the country, it seemed only fitting that Dallas should have its own flying trapeze school and training center.



“Do I think we made the right choice?” Chandler asked. “Absolutely. This city has embraced us like we never could have imagined. We are running almost sold-out classes six nights a week and even in negotiations to build our own state-of-the-art circus training facility right here in Addison. We have had professionals from Ringling, Circus Circus, and several other smaller shows come here to train and teach.”


In addition to professional students, Chandler tells us that they see quite a lot of recreational students, as well. “Circus arts in general have skyrocketed since that time because the general public has discovered there are far more enjoyable ways to get into shape than staring at a treadmill,” he details. “Not only has the fitness aspect captured people’s attention, but the novelty of explaining to someone at a dinner party that you are a recreational flying trapeze artist has really captivated the country!” He laughs, adding, “That one line will literally steal the show at any gathering!”



Due to the wide range of abilities and skill levels on their student roster, there are numerous classes to choose from when starting out. Skyline’s generic trapeze class is two hours long with a maximum of ten students. “If it is your first time on the flying trapeze we will take the first 10-15 minutes of the class to give you an on-the-ground introduction into what you will be doing,” says Chandler. “Since all of our classes are mixed ability levels, you may be learning your first trick while someone else in the class has been working on the same trick for several classes. Our primary goal is to enjoy yourself – anything past that is just bonus!”


To ensure safety, Skyline has a mass of professionals on-staff at all times. “You should feel very safe,” Chandler affirms. “Not only do we have an impeccable track record (nothing more than stubbed toes), we also spend a considerable amount of time and money making sure our equipment is beyond reproach.” Since they were the first flying trapeze school in North Texas, they have been able to attract some of the best individuals in varied walks of life. “We currently have three engineers, a medical student, an EMT (in training), a professional skydiver, and an experienced circus rigger all working and teaching classes,” Chandler details. “Between the lot of us, we know a thing or two about keeping people safe!”