Frequently Asked Questions

How old do you have to be to participate?

  • We recommend 8 years old to participate in a full 2-hour class.  Our official policy is “If you can climb the ladder, we will let you fly!”  We’ve had participants as young as 3 and as old as 91!

It’s my first time; what class should I sign up for?

  • Our 2 hour “Flying Trapeze” class.  All of our classes are mixed ability level – since we only have one person flying on the trapeze at a time we can cater our coaching to whatever level of difficulty they are currently working on.  We often have someone flying for the first time followed immediately by a professional-in-training!  The other class options (added class, no catches, etc) are used for holiday weekends and special events, so these options can be ignored most of the time!

What if I’m not strong enough?

  • We think you would be amazed at how little upper body strength is required for the beginning level classes!  As a good test, you should be able to hang from a pull-up bar with straight arms for 20-30 seconds.  With this being said, if you have any injuries that affect your grip, arm strength, or shoulder stability, please check with our staff before attempting a swing.

What is your cancellation policy?

  • All sales are final. For our standard classes we can cancel or reschedule a booking 72 hours before the start of the class. If we are able to fill your spot in the class, we will make special considerations inside the 72 hour period. Our private parties have a two week cancellation / reschedule policy. Our pre-paid packages are non-transferable and non-refundable. All cancellations will be refunded in the form of future class credits.

Do you ever cancel classes because of rain?

  • If there is a chance of rain and you are registered for our Outdoor class, we will give you the option of moving to the indoor class (space permitting).  With the ever-changing nature of Dallas’ weather we do not cancel classes in advance. If it is raining prior to the start of the class with no hope of letting up, we will make every effort to give you as much notice as possible when we cancel a class. If we feel the need to cancel during a class, we will credit a prorated portion of the cost of the class to your account.

What should I wear?

  • This depends largely on the weather and your comfort levels.  For your first class we would recommend a tight fitting top, appropriate athletic under garments, and pants or capris that cover the backs of your knees without restricting too much motion (yoga pants are great, skinny jeans are not).  The tent building is not temperature controlled, so while we have lots of air movement for the summertime, the winter will be a bit cold indoors. If you are taking a night-time class outdoors consider wearing bright colors so they show up on the photos and videos better!

What should I bring to the class?

  • This is a physically active activity.  And if you forget we have water and Gatorade for sale.  If it is your first class, you’ll need to sign a waiver.  You can either fill it out online using the link at the top of the page, or arrive 15-20 minutes before your class so you have ample time.

How are the classes structured?

  • Our generic flying trapeze class is two hours long with a maximum of 10 people.  If it is your first time on the flying trapeze we will take the first 10-15 minutes of the class to give you an on-the-ground introduction into what you will be doing.  During this time we will go over safety procedures and flying trapeze etiquette.  Once you’ve completed the introduction you will spend the remainder of the class taking turns on the trapeze attempting various tricks and then dropping into the net.  We allot the last 30-45 minutes of the class to attempting to catch the tricks that you have been working on.  As a general rule of thumb, we dictate the speed of the class on each individual’s ability level.  If you are afraid of heights and just want to swing and drop, that is perfectly acceptable and we will help you progress at your comfort.  If you are picking up the tricks quickly, we will allow you to move on to something different.  Since all of our classes are mixed ability levels, you may be learning your first trick while someone else in the class has been working on the same trick for several classes.  During the last half hour when we are attempting catches there are a lot of variables aside from ability level – so, if, in your first class, you are not able to make a catch, please do not think this reflects poorly on your ability for you may be overcoming more obstacles than others!  Our primary goal is to enjoy yourself – anything past that is just bonus!

Is there a weight limit?

  • Anyone above 250lbs should consult the staff before signing up for a class.  There are a couple strength to weight ratio tests that we can do to ensure that we are able to keep you safe during your class.

Can I reschedule a class?

  • Absolutely. Assuming you are not calling within 72 hours of the class, we will always be willing to reschedule your reservation without any penalties or fees. Our private parties carry a two week reschedule policy.  All sales are final, so cancellations will be handled in the form of credit that can be applied to a future booking.

Does the outdoor location have a changing room?

  • Yes!  We have a restroom facility inside our warehouse building, as well as a storage trailer, which can be used as a changing room.

What is the address of the rig?

  • Our new indoor location address is 2355 W Northwest Hwy, Dallas, TX 75220.
  • Our outdoor location address is 2720 Bataan St, Dallas, TX 75212. Our Contact page has more information and a map!

I absolutely love Skyline Trapeze!  What can I do to help?!

  • Bring a friend!  We do all of our advertising through word of mouth.  So tell everyone you know how much fun you had!!  We also have lots of merchandise for sale, including t-shirts, photos, videos, and keychains!  You can also help us grow in the social media – give us a review on Yelp, like us on Facebook, or check-in on TripAdvisor!