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Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Information Regarding trip to Airborne Arts


When:  January 21st through January 29th, 2019

Where: Airborne Arts, Tinamastes, Costa Rica

How: We’ll travel to SAN JOSE, Costa Rica on January 21st.  We’ll then carpool or take a bus to San Isidro.  From there we will shuttle to Airborne Arts about 30min away.  The return trip will start on January 28th.  We will leave Airborne Arts in the afternoon and head back to San Isidro.  From there we will bus to San Jose where we will stay the night in a hotel.  Flights home are scheduled for 9am on January 29th.  You are welcome to book different travel times or dates, but you will be liable for your own travel to/from Airborne Arts.  We will do everything in our power to help accommodate everyone.

Who:  Most of the Skyline Trapeze staff will be going on this trip.  As long as 3 of our staff are available we will have open access to the trapeze rig as often as we want!

What else:  There are a number of other attractions in the area that we will be making use of!


Check back for updated numbers!

Required number of people:        15

Currently committed:                     20

Flights Purchased:                           20

Resort Fees Paid:                             18